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"Although purportedly altruistic in character the true identity and purpose of the multinational entity Global Reconstruction of Artifacts and Bygones (G.R.A.B.) is not entirely clear. Established in 2016 G.R.A.B. is a state level multinational organization tasked with capturing three dimensional digital copies of the world's cultural artifacts and bygones. G.R.A.B. sprang onto the world stage in the early stages of the twenty first century in response to the growing unease at heritage sites being destroyed by war and environmental disaster.

G.R.A.B. L.M.A.O.S scans cultural artifact from theater

Brushing off criticism of cultural colonialism and intellectual property theft G.R.A.B. quickly embarked on a global campaign to identify and locate canonical pieces of sculpture and architecture. Equipped with their hit list of must have items G.R.A.B dispatched it's agents around the world to 3D scan and digitally capture these artifacts and bygones. Working in partnership with the armed forces of the world's super powers G.R.A.B was able to embed it's scanning equipment on a range of platforms. In this manner G.R.A.B. is able to record the capture of important cultural works, in some case moments before their destruction.

Once captured G.R.A.B. agents transmit the three dimensional data directly to facilities in secure locations around the world and onward to orbital fabrication platforms. As the leaked slide presentation shows while G.R.A.B is purportedly backing up cultural treasures from around the world in a hedge against catastrophe. For whose benefit this is being undertaken is not entirely clear. The hardened facilities illustrated in the slide are far from urban centers and the artifacts archived there are inaccessible at best. The orbital and space based platforms are even further removed from the general populace.

While the efforts of G.R.A.B. to preserve heritage are to be commended the cost and resources deployed in this endeavor could surely be put to better use, staving off the delinquent effects of climate change or ameliorating the encroaching trauma."

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